Are you an athlete? What if I told you that you don’t eat properly?

May 7, 2018


The sacrifices that athletes make are really unbelievable, not just at a physical level but also at an emotional and nutritional level. My question is: Do athletes really eat healthily?


Throughout my experience as a coach, I’ve discovered that a lot of elite and not elite athletes and other people that start doing sports, practice inappropriate eating habits: 1. They follow nutritional patterns that other athlete colleagues practice. 2. They practice poli-medication, which puts their hepatic system’s health in risk. 3. They don’t eat and they are malnourished.


Fortunately, a lot of them have found answers to these doubts through nutritional coaching, which we practice with athletes from different modalities (cyclists, tri-athletes and marathon runners) and with people starting out in any sport.  In our office, we make available to our patients, a whole and thorough study, adequate to every Bio-Individuality, necessity and goal. Through our coaching, we manage our athletes to be healthier, to have more energy and better performance. We help to detoxify their liver, improving their general health and preventing future sicknesses. We teach them to eat in a specific and beneficial way according to their biotype and we support them throughout the process so that they reach their goals. In our office we only win if you win.


If you’re interested on receiving more information, you can contact us through our email healthcoach@silviaayuso.net






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