Where the Coconuts grow. What do you need to be happy?

August 7, 2018


Mommy, mommy, “give me coconut water”. My children are crazy about coconut water. Now that we are in Brazil, we enjoy this nutritious and sweet liquid everyday. In Garapua, a small fisherman’s town in the region of Salvador de Bahia, the green coconuts germinate on the coconut trees with their sole purpose being to quench our thirst. But they give us so much more. The locals tell me that coconuts represent fertility and life. And make no mistake. I have recently read that coconut water is used as plasma for blood transfusions due to its likeness to human blood. Now I understand why Tom Hanks chose a coconut to be his companion while he was stranded on the island in the movie, Castaway (directed by Robert Zemekis).


To reach Garapua, you have to take a ferry from Salvador de Bahia until the island of Itaparica. There, you go by car and drive for two hours until you reach the picturesque town of Valença where you go by speedboat for about an hour. Once at the coast, the bus tractor follows its route for about 35 minutes through the dunes to take you to this little fisherman town. In Garapua, there isn’t much else aside from the coconut plantations, the orchids, the hummingbirds, the fishing boats, the mangrove swamp and the incredibly beautiful beach. For the locals, this is more than enough to be happy.


And you? Do you really need to go so far?

How long has it been since you’ve looked around? Look in the mirror and give yourself a smile.

Happiness is within reach.

What are you waiting for? Drink up life.

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