Do you like flowers? Eat them!

September 3, 2018



Vegetables with edible flowers are those whose flowers can be eaten.


Today, I’m going to tell you the secrets of three flowers, which are good allies for weight control. Broccoli and cauliflower belong to the family of cruciferous vegetables and are an excellent source of calcium, iron, carotenes and vitamin C.


Artichoke is an excellent source of complex B vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium.


All of these flowers are great allies for weight control since their nutrients have depurative and diuretic qualities that promote weight loss. Also, their huge fiber content helps you to feel more sated and they favor gastro-intestinal health and prevent constipation.


Artichoke also has an anti-fat property since it has cynarin, a substance that stimulates the secretion of bile favoring the digestion of fats.


You can find broccoli in market from January to May and also from October to December. White, purple or green cauliflower can be found during January, February and December. You will also find artichokes from January to April and also November and December.


If you’re planning the “bikini challenge”, don’t hesitate to include them in your diet.

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