Do you practice HEALTHING?

July 2, 2018

If you want to have a healthy life, Healthing is the best thing you can do.


But, what is Healthing?  This life philosophy implies taking care of your health in a pro-active way or, in other words, to actively anticipate future events or problems.


This philosophy, which seems simple at first glance, is not an easy thing to fulfill at all, although the benefit is so evident.


According to the Drug Observatory, the data provided by the Health Ministry of Spain indicates that the medication consumption rose in Spain to more than 10 million euros spent on prescriptions in 2017. We don’t have to deeply analyze these data to rapidly understand that we, Spaniards, love to medicate ourselves. There are still a lot of people that prefer to take medication before finding the cause of their sickness. Sickness that, in a lot of cases, with a good practice of Healthing or good hygiene in health, wouldn’t exist or would greatly improve. But of course, the question is not that we want to be sick; what we don’t want is to work. That’s the point. The hard part is the work.  And to be healthy, to have energy or to be happy, you have to work at it.


Yes, it’s necessary to work on our health. You’re not born knowing how to eat or do sports, nor meditate, nor even how to be happy. It’s possible that when we’re born we all are healthy, but stress and sedentary life, bad nutrition and environmental pollution crush us and make us sick. This last point, worth mentioning, due to data from the European Food Safety Authority and the European Center for the prevention and control of illnesses, lists Spain as the leader in antibiotic consumption in the European Union.

Taking medicine is absolutely irresistible to sofa lovers, food lovers and to the cult of sadness. One pill for this, another one for that… We’ve been abducted by the idea of “pill-popping” up to the point where we prefer to take medicine on behalf of whatever sickness, even if is not really considered serious or doesn’t pose a threat to our life.


Have you asked yourself “What do I practice”?

If you want to transform your life, start working on that challenge today. Tomorrow, you’ll be closer to victory. Practice Healthing every day.

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