Interview with Noelia Herrero

June 7, 2018

Noelia is one of those people that transmits good energy, good vibes. Since the moment I met her, I felt she was a very special person. Always smiling with an aura that radiates a will to live and the desire to take on the world.

From Silvia Ayuso’s team, we thank her generosity for sharing this interview with us.





What is Abundance for you?
If you ask what abundance is for me; I tell you today, at 46 years of age and without any doubt, to have love and health. Being surrounded by my family that I adore, receiving their love and being able to enjoy them every day with energy and health, which I lacked during the last years, and which I am afraid to lose. That, for me, is to live in abundance. For that reason, every day that passes I live happily, because I am lucky to live.


What has been your biggest challenge to overcome?

Life gives us many challenges on its road. In my case there is a very clear one: to overcome a cancer. Well, two. But I don’t even think that this has been a challenge for me, it is a small inconvenience that must be faced, like any other illness or misfortune that life puts to thousands of people, every day, every minute. The key is to treat everything naturally, with strength and optimism. Thank God I have tons of that.


The challenge really was to fight with doctors and against the procedures they wanted me to follow. The cancer protocol is set in stone for some doctors and it is necessary to strictly follow it, but to do that would prevent me from having children. I have always wanted to have children and even though I was 40 years old, nobody was going to take that hope away from me. The challenge was to find other solutions, other diagnoses that would cure me and allow me to also be a mother someday. It cost me tears and arguments with those close to me because, obviously, my health was first, but you have to take a risk if you want something in life.  I’ve always had that clear. That, and fight for my dreams.

Today, five years later, cancer has disappeared for now... and I have a three and a half year old son who gives me life and fills me with love and joy.


What advice would you offer?

What matters is that you care for yourself. Respect for yourself is also a good way to describe that you’re like a precious diamond and you have to do everything to value yourself and know that you’re unique.


Be thankful everyday for what you already have. It’s a cliché to say, “value what you have”, but the truth is that we don’t really do that and we should be grateful everyday and be happy for it.


And I give you this phrase to think over as a summary of my own experience:

“It’s forbidden to not smile at problems, to not fight for what you want, to give up everything because of fear, to not make your dreams come true”. Pablo Neruda.




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