Interview with Katia Juanino

May 6, 2018

We inaugurate this edition with Katia JuaninoI met Katia in France in 2001. The first time I saw her I thought “how pretty”. But the best surprise was to discover for real how pretty this woman is inside. She is sincere, positive, happy and fun. Through the years, I have also been discovering in Katia an intelligent, brave, fighting, sensible and down-to-earth woman.

From Silvia Ayuso’s team, we appreciate her generosity for sharing this interview with all of us. 




What is abundance for you?

Abundance is a word with different meanings depending on the context and the interpretation we want to give it. If we place this word in a positive context, for example, “the abundance of generosity’, this word will be without a doubt, idyllic. In my life, the idea of abundance has passed through different stages. When I was a child, I used to interpret abundance as a synonym of success, wealth and happiness. Today, I think abundance has generated negative desires. We live in a world where we wish ‘to have’. That permanent desire to have more and more things everyday causes us a feeling of emptiness and eternal frustration.With this philosophy of ‘more and more’, we destroy the main values of the human being and we forget the most important: ‘ourselves’. We forget to love and accept each other as we are, without comparisons, without frustrations… I prefer the word “enough’ (smiles). ).


What has been your biggest challenge to overcome? And, what did you do to achieve your goal?

I think I’ve had many in my life and I still have (laughs) but the most important of all of them was to accept myself as I am. By accepting and being happy with myself, I can overcome any challenge easily.

Since a very young age, I’ve been a very adventuress woman without fears. I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve lived outside of Spain since I finished college. This involves managing goals, responsibilities and hopes. I am also a very curious woman, a little ambitious, very stubborn and perseverant. Although it sounds positive, to be truthful, summing up all of these adjectives implies having many personal and professional challenges. By saying challenges, I include passion, stress, overcoming, frustration, etc.


One fine day I woke up and heard myself. I realized that I wasn’t satisfied. I was sad. I couldn’t share that feeling with anybody else because I knew what they were going to tell me: “but, Katia, you have everything!” So I decided to share my ‘privacy’ with a professional outside of my environment. A sophrologue (in French) and coach (in English). Her first question was, “why are you here, Katia?” I answered that I didn’t know exactly but I added that, although I had everything; a fantastic family, two wonderful children, a great job and health. I had an unexplainable feeling of emptiness. She asked me how much time I dedicate to myself. At that point, I discovered the cause of all my worries. I was taking care of everything and everyone… except for me.

I remember I left that meeting feeling different, I felt light as a feather and very soon I started working on one of the most important challenges of my life: taking care of myself.

To reach my goal I had to come to an agreement with my husband because without some changes at home, I knew I couldn’t get too far.


With the time that I had given to myself, I started reading books about nutrition, about wellness techniques, individual growing and great masters to inspire myself. All of them talked about yoga, meditation, nutrition and internalization.  After proper organization, perseverance and listening to myself a lot, I’ve achieved a change in my life, or rather: I’ve learned to live it in plenitude. I practice yoga; I meditate and practice sports frequently. I also learn and ask for advice about “food”. This is essential since changing the way you see food, the way you eat or buy it, changes your life.


Today I’m happy for having listened sincerely to myself and for having asked a professional for help. I have learnt to accept myself as I am and to live in a more intensive way. I’ve learnt to connect with all that surrounds me with full consciousness. I enjoy what I have, my people and what surrounds us. I have more energy and I don’t ask myself about abundance since I finally have more than enough (laughs).

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