Nothing more beautiful than you

March 7, 2018



Beautiful and unique. That is you. Don’t doubt it even for a second.Re-learn to look at yourself in the mirror. Contemplate yourself. You’re real; flesh and bones, and you deserve all the necessary pampering and care to re-connect with yourself again.Take care; you’re the best you have.To care for yourself inside and out is the beginning of success and happiness. You’ll find the serenity and quiet you’re looking for and will shine with your own light. Some advice for your initiation:

1. Take 5 minutes for you every morning to look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge yourself.

2. Smile and practice gratitude.

3. Practice good hygiene.

4. Put on a little make-up.

5. Be pretty every day.

6. Live with passion.

7. Give the best of you on every occasion.





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