Six degrees of separation

November 17, 2017



I have to meet her! Please tell Ernesto to do everything possible to introduce Isabel to me. My husband doesn’t stop surprising me. So much time together and now he tells me that he knows Isabel. I’ve always believed in the theory of “six degrees of separation”.


Wikipedia says that six degrees of separation is a hypothesis that tries to prove that anybody on Earth can be connected to another person on the planet through a chain of no more than five known people (completing the chain with only six links)


“Mi name is Eva which means Life”, is the first phrase from Isabel Allende’s book, Eva Luna, which I read many years ago. At that very moment I became linked to the writer forever. I love Isabel. I’ve read almost all of her books and I would love to have a coffee with her. So, here I am, trying to convince my husband to introduce me to Ernesto.


Who do you admire?

Who would you have a coffee with, right now?

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