The happiness of the moment

December 17, 2017


















How I love to travel.

This trip all over the world with my husband and kids is a true treasure. Going back to places where I once dreamed. Discover new cities, forests and seas together. How cool!


I’ve realized there’s nothing more important than the present. Here and now. Not yesterday, nor tomorrow or in an hour. Why do we want to remember? We spend our lives making plans and then remembering them, which is good, I can’t deny it. But I don’t think that we give them the proper percentages. If it were possible to give the fair percentages I would assign 80 for the here and now and 20 to dream and plan. Not the other way around, as the majority usually does.


Dedicating so much time to remember the past or to think about the future prevents us from living the present, to feel the happiness of the moment. And it’s exactly that; happiness or the search of happiness that prevents us from being happy. I’ve recently read that real happiness consists not of looking for it just for oneself, but to give it to others, here and now.

What about you? Are you happy right now?

Who do you make happy?

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