Interview with Mar Mañosa

September 7, 2018

Mar is pure love. Although she travels a lot because of work, her biggest trip has been for love. What moves the world if not love? I love Mar. She’s a super generous and supportive person and she has an unstoppable sympathy, strength and vitality. 

From Silvia Ayuso’s team, we appreciate her generosity in sharing this interview with us. 



What is Abundance for you? 

Currently, in the personal moment where I am, the meaning of the word ‘abundance’ is all I have. It’s not having much of everything but having what makes you happy. Every moment, every experience, every sentiment nourishes and fills you. Having the feeling of satisfaction with oneself and with everything that surrounds you is more than I imagined. 


What has been your biggest challenge to overcome? 

We live constant challenges and, in my case, I was faced with three of them in a short period of time. Changing cities, continuing to develop my professional activity and having a family life has not been easy, but I have managed it. Maintaining balance is my daily challenge. 

I am a very family-oriented person, very attached to my parents and sister, very rooted in my town and friends. I decided to leave Barcelona and come to Madrid for love and without a hint of doubt. To adapt myself to the city and to build a new life was my first challenge. 

Continuing my professional life and not having to give it up after motherhood has been part of the challenge as well. I dedicate myself to the world of events. I collaborate with travel agencies specialized in company trips, meetings, incentive trips, medical congresses, car presentations and all kinds of events. The development of my activity involves spending a lot of time traveling and being away from home. To be able to enjoy my family, my work and to have my son take it with total naturalness has been a challenge. The unconditional support and help of my husband, who always reaches out to me and accompanies me in each of my decisions, has been fundamental in getting here. 

Excitement, passion and doing what you like, is fundamental to achieve the goals you set. 


What advice would you give? 

I would like to encourage all women to live a full life. We have but one life and we have to make the most of it. You have to be proud of everything you've lived and the way it's been done. 

I always apply this advice to myself and it doesn't matter how many times you've fallen, but how many times you've gotten up.

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