Why don´t we lose weight?

September 5, 2018


There are many people who spend their lives starting a new diet. There are hundreds or almost thousands of versions of diets. The term diet refers to a person's dietary habit, but it is necessary to differentiate between diets that refer to a lifestyle or diets that are used to lose weight. 

Of the latter, there are thousands and today can be found on social networks depending on the fashion or season of the year. 

Most of these diets are really useless. Useless because, even though they promise weight loss, they rarely work. It has been proven that when you give up your diet you regain weight quickly and sometimes, even increase it. 

But why is it so hard for us to lose weight? For me, the answer is very simple. In general, we don't practice good lifestyle habits. And to have them is fundamental to reach the ideal weight, to maintain it and to be healthy. 

What principles are fundamental to achieve good health habits? 

- Maintain a good eating routine and always eat at the same time. If each day you eat at a different time, it will cause your system to always be on alert. For example, if one day you eat at 1 o'clock and another day at 3 o'clock, on the third day you will be hungry at 1 o'clock and also at 3 o'clock. 

- Hydrate yourself. Drinking water is key not only to being hydrated but also to eating less. Most of the time when we feel hungry, what we really have is thirst. Interesting, isn't it? 

- Do not skip a meal. Contrary to what many people think, skipping a meal does not help you lose weight. Quite the opposite. Your 

metabolism slows down and the amount of calories burnt is directly affected. 

- Control the size of portions. Since 1950, food portions have more than tripled. If we eat three times as much, we eat three times as many calories and nutrients. Are we super-fed? Controlling portions and limiting the amount of food we eat is essential for a balanced diet. 

- Exercise. Having an active life is very important to be healthy, agile, strong and flexible. Finding a sport you like and practicing it regularly will help you keep the scale at bay. 

-Sleep well. Sleeping is the best diet. Yes, you read correctly. Sleeping helps you lose weight. According to the Nutrition Unit of the Spanish Federation of Food Industries, for each additional hour of sleep, after 7 hours, you can reduce by 36% the risk of being overweight. The body spends 10% of its total energy daily when digesting, absorbing and storing food, between 10% and 30% in physical activity and up to 70% in breathing, thinking or sleeping. 

-Have a Health Coach. More and more people find the key to learn to have a healthy life with the services of a Health Coach. The coaching that we practice in Silvia Ayuso-Health Coach bases the success of its clients on the personal self-discovery through which each person discovers his/her Bio-Individuality and with it, balance. Take a chance and contact us at healthcoach@silviaayuso.net 


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