What is Fear?

October 17, 2018


Fear frightens us, paralyzes us and prevents us from moving, advancing and being happy.


Yes, fear produces the dysfunctional panic that most people think about.


But fear really is something else. The fear of truth, the fear that has accompanied us since we were primitive men and has helped us to safeguard ourselves from all the real or imaginary threats we have faced, plays a fundamental role in the survival of the human being. Without the emotion of fear we would not really be able to live because we would put our own lives at risk.


So why are we afraid of fear? It is true that fear produces an unpleasant sensation that we generally do not like to feel but that, if we analyze it, we will discover that it is a great ally.


Fear not only alerts us, it drives us forward.  Feeling fear is the beginning of change, the origin of transformation and therefore one of the main keys to our own evolution.


What can you do when you have this feeling?  Breathe deeply a couple of times and analyzed what it is that is producing that fear. Accept the feeling as a positive emotion and then trace the direction you want to go.

The time it takes doesn't matter as both the small and the big steps will lead you to the goal.

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