Interview to Maria Herrera

December 20, 2018

Many wonderful things happen in life and one of them may be to find love again. On this occasion, the love for a childhood friend that universe generosity allowed me to find again. María Herrera, is not only the coordinating doctor of the Breast Pathology Unit of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid, she is also daughter, sister, woman, mother, friend and above all an incredibly beautiful and generous person in all her facets as a woman. 

From Silvia Ayuso’s team, we appreciate her generosity for sharing this interview with us. 




What is abundance for you? 

For me abundance is a feeling of well being, of fullness that derives from a connection with me, with "my source", my essence, my axis. When I am "aligned", everything flows, life itself becomes abundant and is filled fundamentally with acceptance and love for life, for my loved ones, for my fellow human beings, for each moment in itself. 



 What has been your biggest challenge? 

I think I have surpassed several, as I suppose all women have. The first, to grow up in an eminently masculine family, surrounded by love, but with little space to develop as a woman, and with few women to "look at me" which does not mean that this circumstance did not bring me other powerful and wonderful values. 

The second challenge has been to immerse myself in a profound process of knowledge and personal development, which continues day by day, with all the sorrows, but also with the happiness that the path of consciousness entails. 

Another challenge has been, and is being, to find a professional channel that brings together my training as a specialist in women with my training as a transpersonal and mind and body psychotherapist, and allows me to mutually enrich these two facets in a practical way. 

Perhaps the most important challenge in my life has been to learn to accept myself and to dare to be myself, to trust myself, my intuitions, experience and wisdom, to recognize and trust me, as a healer and as a person. 



What advice would you give to other women? 

To open their conscience and "realize", to work on the socio-cultural themes that we all carry deeply imprinted in our soul through education, the family (among other sources) and those that deprive us of freedom without realizing it. 

I advise looking for feminine references (there are many) although they are little known, to soak up them, to know them and to transmit them to our daughters and sons. Transmitting that there is already a way forward in terms of equality that we are not starting from scratch... 

I advise sharing with open-minded women and men and avoiding toxic company. 

I advise to take care of the soul. After that, everything is possible.


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